We are a retail rock shop in Alberta, Canada, providing collectors with lapidary materials and rough and slabbed gemstone, plus polished gems (cabochons, faceted stones, and carvings). We also do fine oil painting according to Impressionist and the Dutch Masters' methods.

Our stock includes Tourmaline, Garnet, Aquamarine, Ruby, Emerald, Agate, Jasper, and many other varieties. We do not believe in the term "semiprecious", esteeming all gemstones to be valuable. We appreciate it when we meet those who are of the same mind, who love the gems for themselves, who can see the hidden beauties of nature and bring them out. Beginners are also more than welcome, and we delight in showing them new things, in helping them to gain the confidence they need to begin to explore this new world.

The unusual is our business, and we try to provide our customers with their exact needs. As collectors ourselves, we understand the mentality of the rockhound, and there is nothing we enjoy more than the opportunity to share the beautiful, rare, and wonderful with the world, whether it be in the world of gemstones, fine art, or an introduction into this ancient hobby.